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Sonia Maria Photography was established in the Fall of 2009, and is based in both Buffalo and Rochester, NY.  I am also available for travel and destination weddings!


I have been exploring the world of photography for quite some time now, initially discovering the many intricacies of mother nature.  While nature will always be my first love, I have since delved into wedding, portrait, and event photography to capture the many different expressions that people often unwittingly exude.  Weddings have since become one of my favorite things to photograph... from the details of the day, to the first moment the bride and groom lay eyes on one another, to the festive celebration.  A wedding day encompasses a spectrum of so many different emotions, and I have realized that while I am capturing these moments I am experiencing the emotions right along side of you. 


Most of my photos are captured candidly in an effort to magnify the raw state of being that people subconsciously slip into when they think no one is paying close attention.  Photographing people allows you to become absorbed in another person's world, hopefully to catch a glimpse beneath the surface.


If you'd like to know more about me, check out the Behind the Lens page of this site!


Please feel free to get in touch with me through the contact form or you can e-mail me directly at


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